A Night of a Thousand Conversations

Sat., Nov. 14, 5:30pm, Discover Portsmouth.

Live Testimony from Ferguson + NH Seacoast.

The Seacoast Peace Academy, in partnership with Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail and The Truth Telling Project, invite you to become a part of a larger national conversation about local issues addressing direct violence against African Americans, Native Americans, and Persons of Color in the U.S. We will watch testimony together and exchange thoughts and feelings in an effort to formulate a plan of action that we intend to implement together.

The Truth Telling Project will convene a number of high profile figures directly impacted by police violence along with ordinary members of the Ferguson and National Protest community for a weekend of Truth-Telling.

Testimony will be presented to a panel of witnesses drawn from the immediate community and the nation at large. Portions of this event will be simulcast world-wide.

Immediately following, a national “Night of a Thousand Conversations” will be held in which local communities can discuss what they have heard, reach out to victims in their own community, and begin to strategize local or support national action plans for change.

The Truth Telling Project is an initiative of the not-for-profit Center for Educational Equity, and a coalition between the Peace and Justice Studies Association, The Backer Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies at Juniata College, The Fellowship of Reconciliation, and others.

For more information, email: mesala9@gmail.com.

Visit the Truth Telling Project facebook page