Illuminating Tarbell Lecture Series

Darcey - Vernal Inklings

Thursday, April 14, 2016, 6pm, Curators Lecture: Jeremy Fogg and Alastair Dacey.

Jeremy Fogg, painting conservator and guest curator for Illuminating Tarbell: Life and Art on the Piscataqua and Alastair Dacey, artist and guest curator for Illuminating Tarbell: Legacy in Action will join us for a fascinating evening. We’ll hear their stories about how they created this two-part exhibition that weaves the Tarbell retrospective and Tarbell today into a cohesive and stunning Spring exhibition.

Note: Members will want to arrive early for the Annual Meeting of the Portsmouth Historical Society, which will briefly cover a look back at 2015, and votes on the bylaws and new board members.

Discover Portsmouth, 10 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH
Galleries open 5pm; Lecture in the Galleries 6pm
Portsmouth Historical Society Annual Meeting 5:30-6pm
Lecture Admission: $10 members/students; $20 non-members
For reservations for the lecture, please call Discover Portsmouth at 603-436-8433

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