About John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones PortraitScottish born naval captain John Paul Jones visited New Hampshire twice. In 1777 he took Portsmouth-built Ranger with a Piscataqua crew to France. There he worried the British in a series of guerilla raids before his famous battle in the Bon Homme Richard. Later, a hero decorated by the king of France, he returned to Portsmouth to fit out the America, largest ship of war ever built in the nation to that day. While he was here, Jones stayed at the Purcell House, today the John Paul Jones Museum.

John Paul Jones and the Ranger

Portsmouth Marine Society Book Number 20
by Joseph E. Sawtelle
John Paul Jones and the RangerThis book is devoted to America’s greatest naval hero, John Paul Jones, who arrived in Portsmouth in July 1777 to complete fitting out the Ranger and to assume command of the Piscataqua-built ship of war. She left Portsmouth on December 1, 1777, sailing into naval history.

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