About Portsmouth

We’ve heard it said that there are just two kinds of people in this world – those lucky enough to live near New Hampshire’s little coastline, and those smart enough to visit.

New Hampshire was born here in 1623 and we never forget our origins, or lose our Yankee sense of perspective. When you find yourself at sea in a crazy world – anchor here a while in the safe harbor of an old New England port. Here, have some chowder. We’ve got a story or two to tell.

Portsmouth is the hub of the New Hampshire seacoast. Its downtown streets are reminiscent of a small English market village. Originally a working seaport where merchant ships traveled up and down the Piscataqua River, it is still a working port, where tugboats can be seen escorting ships through the treacherous currents of this tidal river.

Today favorite spots include the many restaurant decks that line the river in view of the tugboats docked along Ceres Street and Bow Street. Looking across the river there’s Badgers Island, where many clipper ships were built in the 1800s, including John Paul Jones’ Ranger, and many others.

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