10. Port of Portsmouth Ships and the Cotton Trade 1783-1829

by Ray Brighton

Port of Portsmouth Ships and the Cotton Trade, Ray Brighton, Portsmouth Marine Society

With the conclusion of the Revolutionary war, Port of Portsmouth towns developed a lively shipbuilding business. Berwick, Dover, Durham, Exeter, Kittery and Newmarket all had thriving shipyards during these years. Some ships were also constructed in Portsmouth and a few in Stratham, the Hamptons, and Somersworth. Many of these Portsmouth built ships with their local captains and crews participated in a triangle trade linking seaports in the northeast with the cotton ports of the south and ports in Europe.

The largest portion of the book is composed of biographies of the 203 three-masted ships built between 1783 and 1829. Since few of these vessels ever returned to Portsmouth after launching, this book and companion volume Tall Ships of the Piscataqua provide a comprehensive glimpse of international trade and shipping from 1783 until the late nineteenth century.

7×10 hardcover, 240 pages, 45 illustrations, ISBN 0-915819-09-0 $24.95

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