15. Tall Ships of the Piscataqua, 1830-1877

by Ray Brighton

Tall Ships of the Piscataqua, Portsmouth Marine Society

Here, author Brighton completes the history of the commercial sailing era with the biographies of the 145 three-masted, full-rigged sailing vessels constructed between 1830 and 1877 Illustrating this book are 16 pages of full color ship portraits and many other rare black and white photographs and paintings of Port of Portsmouth ships in world-wide location. Since few of these vessels ever returned to Portsmouth after launching, this book and companion volume Port of Portsmouth Ships and The Cotton Trade provide a comprehensive glimpse of international trade and shipping from 1783 until the late nineteenth century.

7×10, Hardcover, 410 pages, 50 illustrations, ISBN 0-915819-14-7 $25.00