18. Tugboats on the Piscataqua: A Brief History of Towing on One of America’s Toughest Rivers

by Woodard D. Openo, Ph.D.

Tugboats on the Piscataqua, Portsmouth Marine Society

Author Woodard Openo traces the development of tugboats on the Piscataqua beginning in the 1870s down to the present. Other chapters focus on the expansion of tugs and towing after World War II, and tell the story of the river pilots and tug captains, past and present, who run the tugs and are responsible for the safe arrival and departure of submarines, oil tankers, salt ships, cable ships, and occasional historic tall ships. Included also is an event-by-event description of how the tugs and their crews bring a ship into the harbor, and a listing of all tugs and towboats used on this river.

7×10, Hardcover, 168 pages, ISBN 0-915819-17-1 $25.00


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