35. Illuminating Tarbell: Life and Art on the Piscataqua and Legacy in Action

Illuminating Tarbell: Life and Art on the Piscataqua and Legacy in ActionNew Book Explores the Life, Art and Process of Edmund C. Tarbell

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Illuminating Tarbell is a unique two-part work devoted to the life and legacy of Edmund C. Tarbell, one of the major American Impressionist painters and the leader of the Boston School.  Although often most closely associated with Boston, Tarbell maintained a home and studio in New Castle, New Hampshire, for more than thirty years and had an especially close relationship with this beautiful area.

This book, published to accompany an exhibition at the Portsmouth Historical Society, illustrates and discusses many of his principal works, some never published before and several recently conserved.  Based on new research into the holdings of the Tarbell Charitable Trust and other sources, Jeremy G. Fogg and Christopher Volpe examine Tarbell’s career, emphasizing the importance of family and place to his artistic vision.

Tarbell, throughout his life, was an effective and influential teacher.  Today, nearly eighty years after his death, Tarbell’s legacy lives on in the work of contemporary artists who embrace and espouse his philosophy about “the dignity of art” and emulate his techniques.  Here, Alastair Dacey examines paintings by six outstanding members of this modern “Tarbell school”:  Donald Demers, Paul Ingbretson, Jean Lightman, Mary Minifie, Colin Page, and Dacey himself.

Dacey explores the concepts that underlie their work and the processes they use to implement their ideas, demonstrating both their individual abilities and the strength of this important and on-going artistic tradition in New England and the United States.  The result is an extraordinary opportunity to see how Tarbell and later generations have illuminated their specific vision of truth and beauty.

Portsmouth Marine Society Publication 35.  Portsmouth Historical Society, 2016
8 ¼ x 9, 79 pages; 111 color and bw illustrations, ISBN 978-0-915819-43-0/ $29.95

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