9. The Diary of the Portsmouth, Kittery, and York Electric Railroad

by John D. Bardwell

Diary of Portsmouth, Kittery and York Electric Railroad, Portsmouth Marine Society

This is the story of the events leading to the construction of an electric railroad between Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and York, Maine. The events took place in 1897, when York was changing from a small rural community on the coast of Maine to a summer resort with hotels, amusement parks, cottages, and camping areas.

Electric lights were replacing oil lamps, the York Shore Water Company brought water from Chase’s Lake, telephones were being installed in private homes, the York Harbor Reading Room was organized, and plans were underway to establish a country club along York River.

The feelings, concerns, fears, and convictions of York citizens are revealed in news accounts, editorials, news notes of local correspondents, and letters to the editor that appeared in the York Courant between Jan. 8, 1897 and Nov. 12, 1897. It was during this period that the Portsmouth, Kittery and York Railroad was constructed.


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