The Quilted Canvas

Quilts at Discover Portsmouth 2017

Art Quilts from the Collection of the New England Quilt Museum
Exhibition opens at Discover Portsmouth
Tuesday November 21 – Saturday December 23, 2017

In the 1960s and ‘70s formally trained textile artists around the country began painting with cloth. They explored the medium, manipulating fabric and enhancing their designs with the bas relief effect of the surface stitching that holds the three layers together. The work shown in this small exhibition is constructed of fabric that was cut, sewn together again, and then quilted. The New England Quilt Museum holds early work of some of these early pioneer textile artists. All of these artists continue to work today in the medium of fabric, expanding the public perception of quilted artwork.

The New England Quilt Museum is located in Lowell, MA, and is the only venue in the Northeast that features only exhibits of quilt history and art. More than thirty years ago a group of pioneering women gathered to form and accomplish their dream—a museum devoted to the craft and art of quilting.

Portsmouth Historical Society and the New England Quilt Museum have partnered to present a collection of rarely seen works of art. Portsmouth Historical Society seeks to collaborate with other regional museums to exhibit important and unexpected works of art for our visitors.