“Trouble as a child” – Jane Kaufmann

Check out this short video on Jane Kaufmann, produced and exhibited as part of Seacoast Sculpture – Material to Masterwork.

For four decades Jane Kaufmann has delighted fans with her colorful ceramic sculptures, inspired by everything from garden flowers to newspaper stories, history, and politics. Her work, small and large, ranges from the humorous to the profound, inspired by whatever ideas and images sprang to her mind or shaped her fearless opinions.

“Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist or professional, people want to know who you are, not just what you do. So, I try to reveal something authentic about a person’s character or personality that let’s us make an intuitive or emotional connection rather than an intellectual one.” – Steve Sanger

As a broadcast journalist, commercial director and brander, Steve Sanger has always searched for the best in people. He tells stories about everyday, extraordinary people whose talents, determination and creativity make this world a better place.

Visit the Exhibition: Seacoast Sculpture from Material to Masterwork

Friday, July 7 – Sunday, October 1, 2017

Featuring the work of Sumner Winebaum, Jane Kaufmann and Michael Stasiuk
With Sublime Mud! New Hampshire Potters Guild Biennial Show